How it works:

By simply selecting your interest below, I will be able to explain what products we can offer to either Purchase a new house, Pay off your property sooner, lower your monthly payment and/or take out cash for you to use.

New Mortgage


We have a quick short walk to your Qualified Approval which will accompany your purchase offer and make it stand out from the others. From there our experience in both the lending side as well as the Realtor side of the deal takes over giving us the tools to provide seamless communication between everyone involved, easing the process for both the buyers as well as the sellers.

Life is always evolving, some events are planned and some can be a surprise, no matter your particular event we are here to explain if/how refinancing can help address your personal need. There are countless events we can address, but here are the Big 7 Ds of refinance:

Debt. Relieve high interest debts and save monthly.

Divorce. One can stay in the marital home, the other can get cashed out.

Diapers. Babies bring happiness and bills, let’s prepare.

Diamond. Fund the ring, the wedding AND the honeymoon with a simple refinance.

Deconstruction. New roof, new a.c., remodeling your kitchen? Easy

Downsizing. Don’t need this much house anymore? Let’s visit renting out the current home for passive income AND getting a house that meets your current needs.

Death. Unfortunately death is a part of life, a surviving spouse can refinance to access equity in the home for funeral costs, medical costs, living will, etc.